The New To Do List

Once again, I’m feeling behind this week! I did meet with my advisor this week and was able to clarify a few thesis questions that I’ve had this summer. I now know what  the case study involves and also the best way to contact the institutions that I would like to speak with. I’ve decided on three concrete case studies with one example for each form of collaborative curation. Within these larger three I’ll have several other smaller examples. I’ll ask these museums for any narrative exhibition information including proposal material and survey results. I’m crossing my fingers and really hoping that my chosen institutions are willing to share this.

At this point I need to come up with specific questionnaires for each place so when I make the phone call I’ll have talking points and a plan. It seems that now that I know exactly what needs to be done it’s taking me longer to muster up the courage to do it. I did speak with someone at the Independence Seaport Museum through email recently, which is where I plan on surveying for a community gallery example. Over these next few weeks I plan on really beginning this process!

With Joseph’s advice I also revisited chapter 8 of Nina Simon’s The Participatory Museum. In this chapter Simon has a case study of the Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience. With a little more searching I found that this museum actually has a community process, which involves community members with each exhibit. I’m excited to potentially include this museum in my research and speak with someone involved in the process.

For reading materials I’m currently reviewing the Small Museum Toolkit. This series of books speaks to the communication facet of my thesis. I’ve been reading more about advertising within small museums and community reach. From this series I’ve picked up some terms such as “affinity groups” and “customer evangelists.”


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