Slowly but Surely

Since my last post I’ve had another meeting with my advsior about my thesis progress. I feel like I am slowly but surely getting down to business. During our last meeting I presented the materials I gathered on museums that I would like to do case studies about. It really helped me to sit down and make lists with contact information and specific exhibitions to inquire about. These lists left me with a main case study for each sector as well as some other examples to fall back on and help illustrate my ideas.

Along with the case studies I also developed sets of questions to ask different museums. These questions are about the basic information pertaining to the exhibitions that I’m not able to find online or through publications. To me the most important question that is for each sector is about defining success. I’m interested in knowing how these different types of institutions define success within their collaboratively curated exhibitions. Whether this be through attendance or even social media outreach it will be extremely interesting to see how they measure success.

The Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience model fits wonderfully with my definition of community curation and I’m looking forward to building a case study. The difference between this museum in comparison to the others is that they devote every exhibition to this community centered process. Much to my excitement, the museum makes materials of the model available to website goers and I’ve been examining them closely.


On Monday I have my first phone meeting. I’ll be speaking with the Exhibits Manager of the Independence Seaport Museum about my future survey and case study of their community gallery space. Things are moving along!



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