Yesterday I had a phone meeting with Megan, Exhibits Manager, from the Seaport museum. We spoke about their community gallery space, my intentions regarding my thesis, and our future plans. Megan was extremely helpful and said she would be happy to provide any information that would help me build a case study on the space. I learned more about the gallery and its evolution from starting as a modest hallway to a designated 900 sq ft room. We spoke about the evolution of the collaborative process and about how the institution is still learning and adapting their current model. I also learned that the museum has participated in community curation for past exhibitions and plans to do so in the future.


In the interest of time and focus I have decided to build my case study on essentially one current exhibition, the SS United States: Charting a Course for America’s Flagship. Using this exhibit as my primary example I will also use older exhibits from the museum to compare and contrast about how their process has evolved. I was planning to survey during this exhibition but failed to notice that it comes down in less than two months. Due to my oversight I’ll have to come up with an alternative plan later on. My first in person meeting with Megan is in two weeks. During that time we’ll discuss more about the exhibit, exchange relevant documents, and I’ll snap photos of the space. I’m lucky to have made this contact and I feel that with her help and the museum so close I’ll have a lot of fun with my thesis.

Now for some frustrations…

I’ve had a lot of trouble finding up to date articles on collaborative curation. I’ve had a google alert set up for months now and I’ve yet to receive any helpful articles or leads. I feel that my thesis may lack scholarly support at this time. Much of my reading has focused on community engagement, collections management, and shared authority. I’m hoping that as this process moves along and I speak with more people I’m able to find more directly related information.

I’m having trouble finding the time to contact people for interviews. Between my job and internship I’m stretched thin. In two weeks my internship will be complete and I’m hoping to make this important appointments!


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